Tuesday, April 26, 2011

If Only Your Hair Was THIS Perfect!

So I had to put one out there for my anime loving, comic book reading, computer savvy techies! (We Love You) Anyway I thought this was a cool way of merging our worlds. We LOVE hair and you LOVE video games! I saw this vid and thought WOW this guy has some serious talent. Now I have to be honest when I say he does have many other versions of this vid but he has a tendency to maybe drag them out a bit (I can relate... He Loves what he does) This video however has a cool blend of awesome music and some serious drawing! I for one have always wished I could draw like this and admire his skill. I mean he dissects this drawing amazingly and gets an awesome result. I can`t do this! and wish I could, Can anyone relate?

Jon Di Mauro

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