Thursday, April 28, 2011

YES!!! this was REALLY funny!

If you can get past the cursing in this video, it's HILARIOUS!! It had me in stitches! I can`t say I felt bad for her just based on how funny this prank is. I know that`s not very nice, but come on, have you never pulled a prank on any one before?! Now that I think about it, I am very happy that I posted this skit AFTER April 1st! At least my stylists will have to wait a year before they get me with a shtick like this!
Has anyone ever tried anything like this on you? If so, PLEASE share it with us because well... I would love to post your story if you do!

So as per the Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin !!!
Questions that I have been asked lets get to an answer!

Brenda in Whitby asked "Why is it that my hairdresser LOVES those stupid thinning scissor?"

Brenda I cannot thank you enough for asking that question! Thinning shears were introduced to the hairdressing world with the idea that a client needs to have bulk removed from her hair if she has a lot of it. I for one WILL NOT EVER USE OR ALLOW THINNING SHEARS TO BE USED IN OUR SALON. There is a very good reason also, I feel they are a cop out. They are simply a means for the stylist to get in and out of your haircut in a great amount of time (30mins). Great in terms of money making that is! They cause excessive amounts of damage as they severely destroy the hair shafts cuticle layer. Which is the outer most layer of each hair shaft, creating Frizz that is unworkable and an overall lifeless hair shaft! Anyway hope this helped and please do not allow for them to be used on your hair.

Send me your questions to I would LOVE to help you out too!

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