Thursday, April 14, 2011

Greasy?... eeewww!

Yeah it is,  it`s gross! Not for anything but as a stylist I gotta say that we don`t exactly love having you in on your forth day without a hair wash! No... Seriously!

Especially when there are some great ways for it to not be as evident that it has been that full four days! With all of the dry shampoos out there on the market place I am truly confused as to how people aren`t just all over these products. There are so many benefits to a good dry shampoo that I believe anyone who has a longer length or even mid length hair and pushes out that one extra day NEEDS to know about. 

Now let`s make one thing clear, any self respecting hairstylist would want for their clients to be pushing out that one extra day (simply because less washing = less dryness).  However you`ve got to be prepared.  And being prepared today means owning, understanding, and using a great dry shampoo.

Dry Shampoos are meant to be a quick fix to the shampoo dilemma, in that they will not replace good old fashioned water and shampoo. However, what they will do is give that clean, fresh, and workable hair you want on the "lazy" day. They are meant to be applied at the scalp area and massaged or brushed through the hair. Once you have completed that you can then move into starting to restyle the days look. As an example, if you had a flat iron curl set in your hair and you did it on Tuesday and today is Friday and it needs a restyle you would:

1) Take sections of hair elevate them and spray the dry shampoo at the root.       
2) Then you would massage the product into your scalp and run it through your ends.
3) Next, use your brush to brush out all your hair.
4) Last step, take your flat iron and restyle those curls girl!

It`s just that simple and can leave you feeling cleaner, restyled, ready to take on the rest of your day with a fresh "new" style. There a couple that we have found work really well at our salons, one of which is Dirty Secret from Tigi`s Rockaholic line.  Its light weight, smells like fresh lemon, and is not that pricey of a product.  Anyway sorry to come out harsh in the beginning but WHOA I needed to get that one off my chest.  Hope it helps you help me!  ;)

Jon Di Mauro

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