Friday, April 15, 2011

With The Spring Comes The Birds !!! How to Put Your Hair in a Bun.

So I am super pumped by this weather! I feel reborn every time I look outside and see the sunshine and people skipping along the street wearing less and less.  The spring is an awesome time to start cleaning up and putting life back together, especially after the hibernation that has been the last six months!

With the spring comes the birds, yes the birds. They are flying back at an awesome rate and making their way back home to us.  Now, those aren`t the only birds making their way back either... So are bird`s nest buns! I've been asked "how to put your hair in a bun." Yes, I mean those high buns that originated during the late 50`s and early 60`s.  They are back again because as we know fashion works in cycles and this isn`t the first time they`ve made a comeback.

What I really like about the newest version of this older look is that today we are wearing it with an edgier feel.  Ladies are dressing it up as an everyday look and sporting it with jeans, heels, and t-shirts! This look originally was dressed up quite a bit more, with ball gowns and dangly earrings being a necessity to sport it.  I love the new twist on and you know what, as much as I am NOT a fan of the jersey shore crew, maybe just maybe Snooki had something to do with this! 

It is a timeless classic that is relatively easy to achieve and looks great worn so many ways. Here is a little run down of how to achieve this style:

1) Start by pulling your hair up into a high pony at the top of your head.
2) Divide the ponytail in two by taking a section and splitting it in half.
3) Next, HEAVILY and I mean HEAVILY back comb and tease each side of the splitten pony. Make sure you have a lot of width and poof on each section (Like I mean HUGE).
4) Then brush them down just a little to smooth them out.
5) Now you can wrap the hair from one section around the other at the base of the pony to create what looks like a top knot.
6) Fold the other section over that base and start to pin it in place.
You should have what looks like a ball shape on top, wrapped by the other piece.
7) Tug out a couple of pieces to make it look more full, spray, shine spray, and your off!

Hope you found this helpful and that you rock this look out on your next date to a fancy dinner in your gown, OR when you head out to the mall for a little shopping and lunch with a friend.

Jon Di Mauro

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