Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hot Right Now?... Undercutting!

Remember Docs? What about the Plaid shirts we used to tie around our waists? Or  do you remember Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, hole, and so on and so forth! I remember  a lot about the nineties, and all of it I loved!  However, the one thing I remember most, is the thing I was so attached to... My undercut. Oh yeah, I used to LOVE my undercut! I rocked it for like two years! Thank goodness it`s made its comeback because it`s such a cool look.  So edgy and trendy, I love it on both men and women and in all its variations. Check out this amazing version below done by Ashley Nurisso at our Bloor  location the other day.

Over the last three months I would say that I have about 6 guests that I have personally introduced some form of under cutting to.  Men and women alike, this look attracts and inspires both.  I remember having my sides and back buzzed to a 1 or 2 maximum! that`s pretty short folks! I would then leave the top much longer and slick it back with a Dippity Do medium hold gel.  On winter days I remember my hair freezing on the way to 9 o`clock homeroom!

Anyway Under cuts are back HUGE, and you may have noticed as many stars and musicians are starting to adopt the look (Rihanna).  I think it`s a look that might be around for a little while considering that we are just now seeing people begin to be daring enough to take it back old school!  Speaking of school, that to me is an indication of just how long I think this trend will last. I think this will for sure be this spring and summer`s hottest trend, leading us right up till back to school.

This is a play back from a time in my life when music, friends, chillin, underage drinking, and learning to play an instrument (or saying you were learning) were the coolest things out there. I think our music is also being influenced by it and so too is our fashion. The ripped jeans with the big holes on the knee and ruffled un-hemmed bottoms are again on the rise! and so are all of the other trends. Men are going to have a blast with trend because, its cool and can still be manipulated into looking somewhat conservative for the office. I am loving what I have been seeing on Queen, and am happy the Doc martin store is rockin busy! I really hope more and more of us adopt this trend with open arms as its cool in a variety of textures, lengths, colours and styles.

Have fun with your hair and rock this look because it won`t be around that long and then you will have to wait another 20 years to get it back! So pulled out that old plaid and those doc`s. Clean the dust off those cassettes and bring it back, because we really loved the 90`s for all they were! A rockin good time with great music, relaxed clothing, and some damn good hair gel!

Jon Di Mauro

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