Friday, March 9, 2012

What An Honour!

What an honour it is for us to able to do what we do,  especially when we are invited to partake in something this profound.  It is amazing to me that someone would spend the amount of time it takes to grow all of their hair out to 15 inches only to cut it of in a hair donation,  let alone 3 times!

That is exactly what happened Erin Lau showed up last Friday requesting to have us cut her hair off for donation a third time in our company history!  I had the pleasure of doing it for Erin the first time and this last time and its truly an honour.  Erin went from 15" inches of long hair into a layered bob landing at mid neck.  The hair was then packaged in an envelope and returned to Erin so she can bring it to Angel Hair for kids.  Erin says that  "it`s the least she can do" for kids that need so much.  We were thrilled to have been involved in such a wonderful gesture and hope to be able to help further in the near future.

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