Friday, March 16, 2012

Brushed Aside...

It feels like the old world is disappearing more and more with each passing day,  I miss Blockbuster! (haha)  In all seriousness though it seems to me that living in this time has had its positives in that we do not want for anything when it comes to information and convenience.  Everything we want is at our fingertips in seconds,  and new developments happen every second and not every day per say.  We have been shown so many wonderful advantages with tech advances in all areas of our lives.

What's funny though is that we seem to forget that we did things pretty darn well in the old days too!  When it comes to hairstyling in particular I feel like we have made advances,  realized in some cases that weren't advances at all and are now stating to go back the other way!  I mean think about it,  natural,  full,  beautiful,  healthy hair IS trendy!  Its never been anything but trendy.  The way in which we achieve this look,  and this type of healthy hair in general is to do very very little to your hair!  We try our best in salon to encourage our guests to take it easy every once in a while and not go overboard with their hair care.

As an example,  hair growth is something that cannot and will not be effected by anything expect good old fashioned natural care.   An example of this is a healthy diet,  Silica,  a good mix of B vitamins,  Rest,  and most importantly  do not put your brush aside!  Brushing the hair from root out to tip ( Like Marcia Brady used to!)  is a fundamental part of healthy,  enhanced growth.  Brushing your hair at the scalp and all the way through to the ends every morning and every night can make a massive difference in conditioning,  strength,  and vitality of your hair shaft.  Making getting it longer a lot easier overall.  The reason is simple,  brushing can stimulate the follicle level of the scalp with blood,  blood that is essential in the strengthening and support of the sustained and continuos growth.  

So the point is,  avoid always looking to what's "Hot" and new in regard to hair and try to realize that what's "Hot" is often what has always been...

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