Thursday, February 2, 2012

What`s Trending?...

THIS!  This shot pretty much sums up the time period and era that we in salons are currently bringing back to life.  I know that I included a shot of a pretty Parisien woman smoking a cig,  but come on does anything sum up this period better?!  I mean the pin curls,  the deep skip waves,  the chignons,  and french rolls,  AWW what a time to be a busy little stylist.

The wave of trend right now has taken us into a period that we first saw in the 20`s and then saw repeated in the 60`s.  A period where women were whole heartedly "pin ups",  in every sense of the word they looked perfect and exuded perfection.  The amount of time that was taken to achieve the looks they wore with regularity was very excessive,  and therefore for done in salon for the most part.  It was very common for a woman of that period to have her hair styled on a Tuesday at a professional salon and leave it until that Saturday night.  They would get some serious self life out of there styles because they would absolutely pummel themselves with a chemical shower of spray and setting lotion!  

Other styles common of that period were softer and more natural,  provided you were a woman who already had that texture of hair.  It was easier on those ladies because they were able to avoid the whole step of setting curl into their hair before they styled it.  This is a period that most confident stylists are very happy to recreate because it became the basis of our basic education in styling school.  

Embrace it ladies,  and PLEASE allow me to help you by coming in and having us do the work!  It would be our pleasure.  If any one has any questions they would like answered on how to create this curl by yourself,  or quick ways to achieve these timeless looks drop me a line and I would LOVE to get back to you!


  1. Would love to know how this is done at home. Doesn't seem possible, but it must have been once -upon-a-time...

  2. Thank you for your question Daniela, the best way to achieve this look would be to apply some smaller rollers through the sides of your head (giving it that spiral effect. The top can be rolled in basic fashion ( just back off of the face to create volume) and in the back area I would just apply the same size roller in various places to create almost a curl effect. The reason for the smaller rollers is to create a tighter wave closer to the scalp creating more volume. Once you have it all set and the curl is formed you would gently pin the front with some volume and then pin the side area loosely back ( like a half updo). Sounds like a lot of work? I knd of is , and unfortunately I would be lying to say any different, however that does not mean impossible especially if you've got some time and a little hair skill!