Saturday, March 26, 2011

Who Needs a Piano Bar? Hair in The Lobby at the Hilton Hotel!

So if you haven`t yet noticed we don`t exactly care where we do hair! evoke Salon prides itself on truly believing that everyone should be okay with having their hair done anywhere and at anytime! It could be that we just love what we do that much or that we just like to get down and dirty wherever and whenever we can! Seriously we love startling people with where we might pop up to do hair next. As you will be able to see in this video the Hilton lobby in Austin Texas was no different. In this clip we decided to go live to air on the hit online show POP17 from the lobby at the Hilton. We figured that this might draw some attention sooo... WHY NOT! This was a lot of fun as the host Sarah Austin and Leora Isreal were up for it and in a big way. Hey, they needed their hair done for an amazing paparazzi style entrance in to a V.I.P Nikon party we all later attended. We Love This video... Check it Out!

Jon Di Mauro

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