Wednesday, March 30, 2011

evoke salon Hits Up the 2011 ABA !!!

ABA 2011 was on fire! We love to get out there and see what is happening in hair, staying current depends on it. evoke prides itself on trying to stay ahead of the trends and see what is next, soo we HAD to attend the year`s biggest show in our city! Here we take you on a little journey of the ABA showing you some of the bigger stages and overall show feel. We love going on the Monday because you always find a lot of students who are pumped and into it, who we are inspired by. This year there were some great stages and exhibitions, with lots of the bigger brands well represented. Matrix had a cool theme in that they had two exhibits, with one main stage and a side trailer.

We got to mingle with some old friends and collegues in a laid bak setting and take in some of the work on display for a change! We were also very impressed with the Procter and Gamble stage. It was impressive that all thier brands were represented, and they had a real prescence after taking a whole corner of the convention centre.

Hats off to L`Oreal and Redken also who had some great set-ups and talented artists to match. A trend that we embraced in our shops over the last little bit is under-cutting. Remeber the 90`s guys and gals? it back huge and with great colour placements and hard base lines to match! We love this edgy look! Anyway, Great show, we were happy to get the chance to share some ideas and inspiratrion. Check this Out!

Jon Di Mauro

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