Saturday, March 19, 2011

evoke salon In The Huddle - Live from SXSWi 2011

 Okay we promise this is the last video of SXSW! We just had such a phenomenal time and have a lot of content from there. This one just had to be  shown though because the team over at Huddle Productions put such great work into producing it. We met the Huddle team on Monday afternoon in the lobby of the Austin Convention Center after an indroduction by our mutual friend Joallore Alon aka @clickflicka. We chatted for a bit and came to the resolution that they could help us out and NOW! They could shoot a professional quality video for us on the fly ! We then (at the same time... incredible) recieved a call from our good friend Leora Israel informing us that she was in the Blogger lounge upstairs on the 4th floor. 
She also informed us that Gary Vaynerchuk was up there and that we could talk about his haircut which we were supposed to do at some point during that day. After we spoke with Gary for a little while connecting and setting our time we went over to Leora`s table and went to work. The team from Huddle productions were funny, engaging, talented, courteous, professional, and on and on. Needless to say we had a great time doing the video and were fortunate to have it all come together. So many pieces fell in place and well...

We Highly recommend you Check Out this video... We think it`s Reeeally well done.  And know it was really fun to make!

Jon Di Mauro

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