Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the HAIR DARE !!!

I am going to start and finish this post saying that I am proud of and inspired by the WONDERFUL team we have with us at evoke Salon.  I can honestly say that I am astonished, overwhelmed and feel truly fortunate to be surrounded by great people everyday.  When J and I opened our doors in July of 2002 I can`t say we thought we were going to luck out with the team we have.  A team that is as compelled and driven to make change as we are, and not just when it comes to hair either!  As you have seen in our recent blog entries Jason and I were in Texas recently  for this year`s SXSW.  However, BECAUSE we have an amazing team, evoke keeps on moving with or without us!  As was evident on Monday the 14th of March 2011.

The HAIR DARE is a wonderful cause that we were very happy and fortunate to be involved in.  It all started when a great client of ours named Grace Poon (@grayspoontweets) came in to see Erin Bick at our Bloor St. location. Grace mentioned to Erin that she was going to be putting together a fund raiser and that she was curious whether or not we would like to be involved (we would ALWAYS like to be involved! In pretty much anything and everything!) So, we then took a little trip over to and looked at the why? section on the top bar, it reads...

"Children across the world suffer from conditions like cancer treatments, alopecia and burns in which they lose some or all of their hair. There are a few organizations out there who help to alleviate some of the pain of losing hair by providing hair prosthetic to children made from real hair in hopes that they can help restore their self-esteem and face their situation with greater confidence".

We read one paragraph and realized that not only were we willing to support this cause,  we were willing to sponsor it,  donate to it, and be actively involved in spreading its word!  I really believe that the hair dare will make a great impact on the lives of children in need in Toronto. This is a specialized cause that works with local organizations to really have an immediate and lasting impact... and its like crazy fun to do! We cannot wait to do it all again next year, and the year after and etc...

What really made us proud though was the effect it seemed to have on our team,  who seemed to really feel like they were a part of something bigger and really worth while.  I look at the amazing images provided by Justin Ing also known as @sensei88 and can really see how happy everyone was to be involved and make a great change. Well,  here check out the link for your self! ... 

Anyway, we were inspired by our staff and the commitment that they showed.  We were captivated by this amazing dare that these wonderful women followed through with! This took a lot dedication showed by so many people to make this happen!  Grace,  you are an amazing girl with a wonderful cause.  Justin we thank you so much for bringing it to life on film! Chenessa a.k.a @_chenessa we thank you for your generous gifts and involvement.

Thank you to our fantastic team for taking care of home base while we were away, and for performing some awesome changes on some inspired women! Please check out to live the dare next year!

Jon Di Mauro


  1. I didn't think chopping off 12"+ of hair could be this fun! Thank you to the ENTIRE team from evoke!!

  2. Thank You! grayspoon for making it all happen! We can`t wait till next year!