Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Icon in style... Liz.

I know that people have been pumping out blog entries regarding Liz Taylor like crazy over the last couple of days,  we have lost a real icon.  Liz Taylor in her heyday was a real beauty.  She set new trends in hair and fashion that lots of other celebs only dreamed of.  Liz was around to watch and be part of one of the most inspirational times in fashion and hair.  She was one of the first celebs who was really able to embrace her sexuality and show that on film.  Many stars during that era were pushing the envelope in style and fashion, such as Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy and of course Liz herself. She sported this phenomenal short style early on and it caught like wildfire,  sparking a generation of women to take the plunge and try out short locks on their own.

It didnt stop there either because as time went on she realized that this new form  of exposure worked for her. She really was a sex symbol and could live that out not just in her amazing beauty.  She personified the lead actress and star,  and influenced so many young women in her time.  As she got older (two or three husbands in ; ) ) She started to take on the role of elegance that we have come to see from her.  Liz was always an elegant women but she went from being pretty much a sex symbol,  to be sultry and sophisticated.


She rocked out some awesome styles over the years and looked amazing during the 70`s and 80`s.  I was particularly attracted to her look during the seventies.  I mean just look at this photo of her all waved out and smokin!  She really did have some of the most beautiful features we have seen on a woman! Beautiful eyes,  gorgeous cheekbones and of course that amazing hair.  

One last shot to showcase just how great she looked sporting an absolute signature 80`s look.  I think she pulled of a look that a lot of women tried to during that time and failed miserably!  C`mon girls you know what i`m talking about,  tell me you looked good when you hair was styled like this! Well, good but not Liz good. Maybe I have a bias...

Anyway, Liz will live on in our hearts for years to come and be remembered for much more than her hair.  I for one will always remember her in Cleopatra and be in love!  Liz Taylor... an icon the world and hair industry alike will never ever forget.

Jon Di Mauro

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