Thursday, March 3, 2011

Justin Bieber`s Haircut Earns $ 40, 668.00 !!!

Wow oh wow!  Seriously that is all I can say because it really is amazing.  Justin Bieber's haircut earns $40,668.00! Justin got his wish, and the money will be donated to charity because of it.  I think it`s amazing that someone got out there and spent the forty thou in the first place!  Let alone that it was for Justin Bieber`s hair!  I mean a lock of Bob Marley`s hair maybe but not Justin`s!  I`m just kidding (40,000.00 is too much for anyone`s hair) I love that it is gonna be going to a good place.  The lock of hair is at least presented in a nice way,  it comes in a glass box that has big bieb`s signature on it! ( what a steal!)  Anyway check out the link below for more details about this awkward yet inspiring ebat transaction!

Jon DiMauro

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