Friday, March 4, 2011

Toronto Barber Shop? WHY ? !!!

Toronto Barber Shop

A Toronto Barber Shop?  That`s what you`re looking for?  Well I will tell you this much,  there is not a barber shop that gives you the service evoke Salon does!  evoke Salon prides itself on providing the best in customer care for both men and women alike.  We feel that to achieve this we need to surpass expectations at all points of your hair experience.  Men get the royal treatment in our shops,  literally,  a man`s service is just as extensive and enjoyable as a woman`s at evoke.  Men receive:  a full length consultation,  an aromatherapy massage,  a shampoo (which includes a scalp massage),  a Great Haircut (with scissors only - no clippers),  and a final rinse that includes a hot aromatherapy towel for your face.  I mean,  I don`t know of another way I would prefer to have my hair cut! One of the things our male clients love most is the additional service we offer in between their haircuts.  You see men have a common problem,  their hair grows in too quickly!  Within a couple of weeks most men start to notice that their hairline has grown back in.  At evoke Salon we offer complimentary maintenance on your hairline and promise to keep it clean at NO Charge until your next cut !  Anyway,  I respect and admire the barber shop culture and tradition ( I am a man after all!)  however, I do believe that times have changed.  More and more men are feeling confident enough to walk into our salons each day and spoil themselves. I think that as time goes on men may realize what women have known all along... salons are a Great escape!  See what all the fuss is about,  we`d be glad to have you.

Jon DiMauro

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