Friday, January 6, 2012

Just Like A "Pledge"

So today is the last day that I am going to bother you guys about your new year hair resolutions.  I mean it, this is really the last one ( I have a tendency to be long winded... Hehe).  Today we are going to discuss your product cabinet,  I know its a touchy one!  Most of you out there are quick to spend that little extra on yourself when it comes to nice things (Pandora charms, Leather Boots, Fancy jeans etc...)  There is absolutely NO problem with that if you can afford to do it.  I am all for the work hard and play/spend hard mentality especially when its earned.  What confuses the heck out of me is why some of you have not adopted that same mentality when it comes to your hair care regimen.  I mean I continue to hear from some of you that your shampoo of choice is a Drug store brand (Any one of them,  They are all equal!)  Or that you cannot switch to professional product because it doesn't leave your hair feeling silky enough.  I must admit that this really confuses me considering the type of ingredients used in these brands.  Most of you would probably be absolutely stunned to know that most of the "Big Name" brands you find in a drug store are literally only one or two ingredients away from being the same thing you clean your floor with!

What we need to remember is that these companies that are producing shampoo and conditioners along with other styling aids for hair are also producing toilet bowl cleaners and dog food!  Ever heard the old adage " Do One Thing Really Well"  This does not in any way apply to these companies.  How can a major manufacturer that produces everything from toothpaste to household cleaners and tupperware really know how to truly tailor a product for hair and scalp?  I know,  its in the research,  and I can see that BUT there are HAIR companies out there doing the same research... Just specified to what it is they do... HAIR.  I was always under the impression that you not only get what you pay for but that anyone who is a specialist in one area charges more and IS more capable and qualified.  The truth is that the conditioner "feels silkier"  because it is,  its FULL of silicone and therefore is coating your hair shaft and not actually creating any longer term moisture repair or damage control.  To me its never more clear,  in hair as in life what you put in is what you get out.  John Lennon said it best when he said "The love you make is the love you take".   So enjoy those boots and those fancy new charms but remember... Your hair needs some love and affection too!

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