Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Should I Dry It... Again?

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!!!!  We at evoke hope that you have all had a beautiful and relaxing change of year.  So I think we still had a couple of topics to discuss for our resolution list!  The last one we covered as a potential hair resolution was washing and how and why we should try to minimize the amount of washes we do in a week.  

Today we are back with yet another topic to discuss,  a touchy one I might add... Blowdrying.  I for one can say that I have a multitude of guests who insist on drying their hair every single day.  For the record I DO NOT recommend or indorse that in ANY WAY.  The last thing your hair shaft needs is to be pulled and stretched every single day.  Most of you are unaware that the entire point of blowdrying with a brush is to stretch the hair shaft out and create a "smoother" more "polished" finished.  The problem is,  in order to achieve that desired look you must elongate and therefore damage the hairs integrity.  We do this by pulling on the cortex layer with our brush and changing the hairs elasticity.  There are only so many times that we can stretch out and elastic until it gets that one little dry spot and just snaps! 

Other options include,  using a clever google search (evokehair on Youtube! ) to find great tutorial videos that will give you one more day without that shampoo and mandatory blow out.  Or working with the currently very stylish braids that are being fashioned all over the place.  Both are great ways to still look trendy and professional without putting your hair through the ringer.  Or we will see you in a couple of months for a very expensive moisturizing treatment and some pricey take home solutions.... The choice is yours baby!

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