Friday, December 30, 2011

To Wash, Or Not To Wash...

So yesterday we addressed the topic of a couple of things that some of you out there may want to audition changing in the new year.  A resolution is only good if you follow through and these are some things that made need some changing regarding your hair regimen.  The first one to address is over shampooing,  something that most of you out there seem to be doing a lot of.  Men have the luxury of shampooing every day and having it not affect their scalps much ( Their hair is much shorter).  Women on the other hand have a bit more to contend with when shampooing ( Their hair is longer and more at risk) in regard to their scalps becoming over oily and their ends drying out.  

Most of you are unaware however that the more you shampoo the more you expose your scalps to becoming greasier.  When we over stimulate the sebaceous glands in our scalp (Through over cleansing and stimulation)  they begin to produce more natural oils.  So yes it is true that if you can get into the habit of shampooing less,  your scalp will begin to adjust accordingly and produce less oil.  Soo... what`s a good resolution here?  Easy,  invest in a good dry shampoo (Talc powder with moisturizers built that help to cleanse the scalp,  get rid of smells and create volume)  and try to push out that one extra day between washes.  As you progressively space out your shampoos more and more your scalp continues to adjust making it easier and easier to go a little longer.  Your hair and scalp will be healthier and more moist after making the change!

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