Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just A Light Kiss...

So,  more and more style is going the way of the bohemian,  free flowing, natural feel.  We are being asked in salon on a regular basis what the new trends are regarding colour.  The answer to that question is  simple,  literally.   More and more women are moving away from over done obvious highlights and moving into natural soft colours that blend give more of a "sun kissed" look.  Lots of salon brands have started rolling out products that make it easier to achieve that style.  As an example we in the Bloor West Village location of evoke use a colour line called Davines.  A fantastic  and trend setting line out of Italy that always seems to stay cutting edge and on top of the needs of stylists.  Davines recently launched a new segment to their line called "Flamboyage".   A play on the term "balayage"  which the technique is most commonly called.  This technique involves highlighting the outside of the hair to create the effect of very light tonal highlighting.  The kind of colour that most women want,  (you know the one your little girl has when she's been outside all summer)  but have a hard time achieving.  A lot of women may never get that colour naturally for varying reasons such as not spending enough time out in the sun (because we work in North America!)  or not having a light enough base colour to begin with hence making it impossible for the sun to lift.  Balayage is a fantastic effect for the hair and a wonderful new way to approach lightning,  if you have been waiting for this type of colour for a while then now is the time to try it out!

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