Friday, December 9, 2011

There`s A lot of Buzz Out There!!!

Its that time of year... The time when we are all going absolutely batty trying to get everything together.  Whether your out shopping for gifts (that are absolutely necessary to purchase or else!)  Or have to get the tree up,  decorate the hallway,  get lights on the front of the house or... or... or!  Its Crazy!  Its absolutely amazing to me that we go through all this!  That however is a total side note.  The other thing that most of you are probably out there doing is getting ready to attend Christmas parties (that was my segway right there... hope you liked it!)  If that is the case then you will hopefully pick up the phone and give your local salon a call (416-482-4247 Yonge St. Location or 416-766-4247 Bloor St. Location)  and avoid yourself some stress this season.

I could sit here all day and give you guys some tips on how to self style for the holidays but I will tell you that in the end it will not look like we can make it look as stylists!  That is the cold hard truth,  I mean I could tell you that I am sure whatever you do will look great (and for some of you it will)  BUT I would be lying for most of you.  WE DO HAIR.... That is what we specialize in,  it`s our trademark,  and really you wouldn't try to install your own pot lights would you?  So why would you gather that your hair is any different when you heading out to your big office Christmas bash?!  Most salons are right now offering some form of discount that will entice you to allow them the simple pleasure of saving you stress,  time,  and well embarrassment!  I`m Just Saying... Let us focus on your do so that you can focus on just doing you!

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