Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why So Squeaky?!!!

I heard a client the other day say "Wow that shampoo really made my hair squeaky, eh?" the perception of what our hair should sound like seems to be very important to you guys.  The important thing to remember is that there are many factors to our perceptions.  When we have always used certain types of products on our hair we are accustomed to what they make our hair feel like.

As an example,  I am pretty sure that there aren`t very many of you out there that are currently using river water,  berries, lemon, and gelatine to wash your hair.  In early times these were very common cleansing concoctions mixed by women when attempting to wash their hair.  Nowadays we are way to comfortable with that silky softy feeling that we think must come with every single wash.  Problem is we aren`t willing to look into what exactly it is that is formulating that softness.  

Let`s take a look at a couple of things here... 1)  Your hair shaft is a natural fibre,  2) You have probably used some form of colour or chemical service on it in the last two years,  3) You probably hot style your hair at least one or two or more times a week,  4)  When you have it style you probably use some form of styling aid either when it was wet or when you finished the look.  All of these factors lead to one very important fact... Your fibre is being ruffed up.  When our natural hair fibres are ruffed up or compromised we can expect a dryer hair shaft,  the only reason your hair feels any "better" is because you just slathered it with silicone.  99.9% of shampoos on the market place currently use some form of slicking agent (anything that makes the hair feel silky) to "re soften" the cuticle layer.  The problem is you aren't re softening at all,  you are masking the real condition of your hair!  This all came up ironically when I used a local, certified organic, vegan, gluten free shampoo and conditioner system on that guest.  Funny... we are all starting to worry a bit more about what it is we put in our bodies (organic food, boycotts of fast food chains, etc...) but we haven't yet realized that when we slather on the silicone we aren't worrying about what we are putting ON our bodies!

In Summary,  when we lose the chemicals and start to care about what we`re putting on our bodies,  we may find that the transition can have a few squeaks in it.  If and when we stick it through,  it all gets silky yet again.

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