Thursday, December 22, 2011

Simplicity Reigns Supreme!

I am really happy about where hair trends are going right now,   have been waiting for this trend segment to come back for a while.  We went a little layer/volume crazy there for a while with layers that were just plain too short.  I really am a stylist that believes that less is more when it comes to hair and fashion,  its just more sexy that way!  We did a little too much in the way of teasing and lifting and pumping for just way too long,  and with this trend change upcoming we will get back to letting women look sexy just being natural.  That is something that I for one really embrace as a stylist.

With the upcoming changes in  hair fashion I feel like the image I have posted above will be one of the starting points.  In that,  I mean we will evolve from here and get into slightly longer and shorter variations of the same style.  Layers will get a little longer and blunt lines will be left a  little heavier taking the looks back to the mid 60`s feel that I personally LOVED.  In simple terms, the bob and the blunt are back baby! (Like they ever left?)  I hope that this sparks a change in my guests that will allow me to get back to doing the type of cutting I really love to do (Yippeee!).  Let those layers grow out a little ladies!  Forgo the volume for a more simple and healthy version of your everyday styling routines,  and with it embrace a whole new sexy look!

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