Tuesday, December 20, 2011

As For Beards...

It`s the time of year that a big fat man with a beard starts out on his journey of visiting everyone`s houses.  And wow what a beard!  Its funny that the big old guys beard always seems to be the same length,  Mrs. Clause must really know how to work that trimmer for him!  His beard always seems to be very well trimmed and maintained.  So it reminded me that I have yet to address the beard!  Believe that or what?!  I mean I sport one so what was I thinking?!  Maintaining your beard is something that most men seem to do pretty well.  I have taken notice of this recently because more and more men are sporting them fashionably and they are more in style today than they have been in a while.  The key to a well maintained beard is simple... Don`t forget that its on your face!  I find that the ones that look scruffy are the ones that are not trimmed down to a consistent length,  the sides are not well lined up.  It is imperative to keep the lines of the beard well formed and trimmed because it looks neat,  the right tools are important when doing just that.  A good trimmer with varying guards to adjust the lengths is very important. You wanna make sure that even if you decide to leave it a little longer it can still be a consistent and even length.  This will ensure that you do not see darker and lighter areas of hair.  A great trimmer I personally use is the Andis T-liner.  A phenomenal and professional tool that has a good strong engine and never seems to miss hair or pull hair with its blades.  A fabulous last minute gift idea for your wife and kids to buy "the man who already seems to have everything!".

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