Thursday, January 5, 2012

Seduced By Smooth!

Today we are going to cover the second last in our series of potential new year resolutions.  Tomorrow being the last one I listed in the blog entry regarding possible hair resolutions,  products of choice.   I hope you have been getting a lot out of these because all of them keep us in business and you spending your hard earned dollars!  

These are a few ideas that can help you to minimize your exposure to damage and at the same time keep your hair looking healthy, happy and shiny!  We are going to talk about flat ironing today and figure out a couple of ways to avoid excessive use of this amazing yet damaging tool.  So,  we should start by looking at how you can start to get a little more time out of each wash.  Start by using a good heat protective product.  These are commonly called smoothing balm or relaxing fluids.  They are designed to go on the hair shaft wet and not only create an easier smoothing experience but also keep away humidity.  When the humidity is kept away the style can last longer,  not just in the summer months but also in the winter.  Another way to get a bit more time between washes is to avoid applying any "finishing" products aft flat ironing.  An example of these are shine drops or oils,  these can add the humidity you are trying to fight back onto the hair shaft.  When the hair has been ironed it is at its flattest point and therefore reflects light very well.  Meaning you will not need to enhance the shine as it should already be there very intensely.  If you find that the iron has left you with a little bit of static,  believe it or not I recommend a fabric softener sheet!  It is by far the best way to control that static without applying a topical product.  It will control the static AND ensure that you avoid that keep your style looking smooth and "soft"!  

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