Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bringing Back The Warmth...

I think we are all trying to warm up or something!   The amount of young ladies coming in to the shop over last couple of weeks asking for warmer reddish/ coppery tones is CRAZY!  I have to say though that we are truly loving it.  These tones are always so much fun to create because you get the opportunity to test out your colour line.  These are the tones that tell you what kind of colour your product of choice can really produce.  It takes a lot of pigment depth and shine to create a really impressive red tone.  Yesterday I posted one that was done on the weekend by our up and coming talented Alanna Janes at our Bloor Street location.  The vibrancy was amazing and she had some phenomenal dimension and shine to the colour (the stuff that makes a colour great).  

I think the trend started to really kick into full effect in the late summer month of August when we started to notice a lot more requests for warm and rich copper tones.  Everyone seemed to be looking for that auburn look (maybe it was Rihanna rich red that started it out).  Anyway since then it has taken off in our shops as more and more guests are coming in looking to go back to these shades.  This makes us really happy in our colours departments as we are always up for a challenge and are pumped by our results!

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