Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Straight Can Be Great!!!

Just like fashion, hair styles have a way of coming full circle and straight hair has come back from the 1970’s with a vengeance.
  Long gone are the days of your Mother’s iron and ironing board, lying flat down hoping your girlfriend can manoeuvre around your ears, sparing you another steam singed earlobe.
  Whether you have short or long tresses, straight hair, when worn properly is envied by most of the female population. Straight hair has the power to command attention and you can guarantee your fellow females of the world will be left wondering how you became blessed with such silky, smooth hair.
  If you are one of the lucky ones you are probably familiar with the necessary tools for grooming your straight hair. Paddle brushes are ideal for smoothing out long, straight hair. Be conscience of the static cling fly away hairs and split ends. It is vital to trim your hair regularly to ensure crisp lines and even length.
  Hair styles are limitless when you have such a blank canvas to work with. Ponytails, braids, buns and French rolls are all easy and time efficient. Bangs are also a great accessory for pin straight hair, be it long or short. Straight cut bangs just above the brow line also add a touch of glam and mystery.
  If you are part of the masses that have straight hair unnaturally, meaning you straighten it daily, listen up. Thermal spray is a necessity to protect your hair from splitting or breaking apart and should be used routinely with deep conditioning treatments.
  Another possible option for attaining straight, silky hair is fusion extensions. In today’s day and age a person can purchase straight hair and have it installed rather than enviously watching other women effortlessly twirl their hair between their fingers. Evoke Salon offers fusion extensions which are attached to strands of hair using protein bonds at reasonable cost. The licensed professionals at Evoke assure their clientele that fusion extensions cause no damage to your existing hair, guaranteeing your hair to look sleek, natural and sexy.

  Danielle Fong

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