Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tie it Up... Just Don`t Break It!

As a stylist of 11 years I can say that I have had the opportunity to see some pretty interesting things being behind my chair! Often times they come in the form of hairstyling techniques adopted by a lady who really needs a haircut, and sometimes its just been a really long week! One thing I can say I have noticed is just how hard women can be on the hair sometimes. Hair is a fibre, a very delicate fibre at that, so... you cannot rip away at it with a brush when your hair is wet! Although you woke up late, your hair should not have to pay the price! ( That will have to be a whole other blog entry!) Today however we are going to address yet another growing phenomena I have noticed, Hair tying!

You would be truly shocked to see the kind of things I am seeing used to tie hair up! Here is one example...

You have got to be kidding me!!! Rubber bands are made of exactly that.... Rubber! The delicate fibres of your hair cannot and will not be able to handle being bound up and ripped away at by rubber. Please, please stop! There are alternatives, here are a couple examples of what a lady with fine hair can use instead. My personal favorite for fine hair is made by Goodie and works wonderfully for all fine haired guests. With great traction, and a much gentler feel they are ideal.

Although they are by far the ugliest option, the fabric elastics create great hold and offer the least amount of damage to the cuticle layer of your hair shaft.
Who said you had to use an elastic in the first place? What about some of these alternatives...

I think you get the point. Ideally any of these options are gentler, and in my personal opinion trendier and cooler than a simple hair tie. So come on, be gentle to the hair, and it will love you for it. At least I know I will!

Jon Di Mauro


  1. I use silly bandz to tie my baby girl's hair. Is that bad?

  2. Hi Shweta,
    Silly Bandz are the hottest thing on the market right now in regards to kids entertainment. However, seeing as how they are still made with rubber they can and will still damage your little ones hair. Especially now that she is little you can get away with using the fabric covered ones. That is what I would recommend, and thank you soo much for your questions.