Friday, February 11, 2011

What A Heart Felt Night of Partying!!!

Okay seriously WOW! we had an awesome time last night at the Love A Heart fundraiser held by the 
Girls of T.O. It was a gathering of some of the coolest and most heart felt people we have met in a while, who all came out for a blast and to support an awesome cause! There was an auction of some pretty influential bachelors and bachelorettes, and I think the Girls Of T.O had their expectations well surpassed! This was the link sent out before the event, on it you will see some great faces who gave it up for the Heart and Stroke foundation last night.

We thank them and all those who we partied with last night that made it special, people like @stilettotwins, @GailGabrielle, @zachbussey, @GalacticPhantom, @clickflickca, @sassygirlcanada, @Fashionights, and @Affan #loveaheart. It really was an awesome night with all these great people, can`t wait to see your pics on Twitter!


Jon Di Mauro

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