Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Thought Toronto Was Cold !!!

Okay, so myself and my better half have travelled to Edmonton, Alberta.  Yes, you heard me, we traveled away from our homes in Toronto ( +7 degrees) to lush and wonderful Edmonton ( -27 degrees).  Family will get you to do some crazy things!  Sooo I figured since I was feeling the static in my one-inch-long hair,  toques for you ladies could be disastrous!  Lets review a few things that you guys can do to control the crazy amounts of electricity you`re currently conducting. 

  • 1
    Deep-condition your hair regularly.  Properly moisturized hair is less likely to be affected by static.  Huh?... it`s because the cuticle layer is more active due to the fact that every time you shampoo it, it opens and a conditioner will seal it.

  • 2
    Use a "leave-in" conditioner on your hair after you wash it.  Same theory applies,  the conditioner is going to seal the hair shafts cuticle layer.

  • 3
    Spray your hairbrush or comb with an anti-static spray before you run it through your hair.

  • 4
    Keep a fabric softener sheet handy and run it over your hair when it starts to get out of control. Carry it in your purse so you can use it several times during the day if necessary.  Oh yeah,  i`m serious try it!

  • 5
    Avoid hair products that include ingredients that will dry out your hair, such as alcohol or harsh chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulphates.  Which you should be doing on a regular basis anyway, cause they suck!

  • As for us...... we`re just chillin.

    Jon Di Mauro

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