Thursday, October 13, 2011

Looking For The After Party?

Hey Folks!  Hope you loved little Mariah`s Tutorial video yesterday!  I thought it was hilarious, and super cute.  Considering that she is only like 4 years old she did an absolutely amazing job of those pigtails!  Anyway  as we move into the end of yet another long week today`s  question has been needing addressing for the last couple of days.  So lets get to it because Margherita has been waiting soo patiently....

"Hi there,
I'm trying to find out where I can purchase Bed Head by Tigi (After Party smoothing cream).  We received a container as part of a loot bag for a birthday party our daughter attended and we absolutely love it for her hair.  Do you carry this product?
Thanks for your help!"

Okay so Margherita,  I can say that no I do not carry this particular product however I may need to start if you are feeling like it is the perfect product for your little ones hair!  Funny enough I do carry quite a bit of the Tigi Bed Head line just not the one product you are asking about!  Anyway lets get to some options here because I would love nothing more than to make sure you get what you need.  I can go ahead and special order that product from my manufacturer and have it in by early next week if you are in the area,  I can also ship it to you if you are not.  However I should be honest in saying that quite a few drug stores in the Toronto area have started carrying the Tigi brand and may carry that exact product.  Alternatively I may just look into carrying it from now on any way,  so having said that thanks for the tip!  Anyway let me know when and if you would like that ordered,  it would truly be our pleasure.

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