Friday, October 28, 2011

One For The Dudes!

Hey folks,  today were going to put one out there for the guys.  I feel like it `s been at least a couple of months since I serviced the male clients out there.  Now,  I must say it was hard to do an entry based on mens products or questions largely because they weren`t sending any queries.  Finally however we`ve recieved a great one! And It`s great to be able to give some advice to a dude for a change! LOL!

"Hey I was wondering what the best product to use when styling your hair in a comb over is?"

AWESOME to the point like you would expect!  Funny because even though it isn`t a full blown comb over I myself am wearing the comb over slash pompador mix currently.  So considering the fact that I need to style it myself every morning I have been able to get my hands on a great product that works for my thick hair.  Which by the way makes a difference!  If you have fine and limp hair I would probably recommend sticking with pomades and lighter holding products in general.  Otherwise for all the men out there currently wearing this uber trendy look that have normal to thick hair I recommend they look at Eufora`s Hero line for men.  In particular I love the Grooming Cream,  its just enough hold to maintain a well groom look,  has shine and at the same time doesn`t paste your hair to your head.  The way I see,  this is a look that should still have some movement even though it is very polished.  Check it out,  it won`t disapoint,  Hope that answered your question and thanks for writing me at!

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