Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Grey , Grey... IT`S OKAY!!!

Hello everyone!  I am very happy to be writing to you on this fine day! LOL!  Its just how i`m feeling today folks... a little quirky!  Anyway today we gonna answer a question that I received a couple of days ago from a great client of mine.  This is not a standard question I answer in that it wasn`t emailed,  however I figured this is one that a lot of clients might want to hear about.  So having said that lets get goin!

"Okay,  so I woke up this morning and look at what I found!  I am only 29 years old!  Why the heck do I have this ridiculous grey hair right at the front of my head!  BRUTAL!  What am I supposed to do with this thing!"

The first thing to do is relax!  Just because you`ve found that first piece of sweet silver magic doesn`t mean that its time to hit the salon hard every six weeks!  Its truly a matter of personal feeling,  by that I mean how much does thing thing really bother you?  Suprisingly,  in all the years that I have been servicing my guests I have realized one thing for sure... Not ALL my clients dred that first grey!  Some women have a real confidence about them when discussing the topic.  Why I say confidence is simply because I have heard the story so mant times,  "it did`nt really bother me until my friend mentioned it!  Now its driving me nuts!"  The question is why?!  I feel like women have this preception that men who have turned grey are dapper or sophisticated but women are old and run down.  Personally I feel like that is a societal issue that we internalize if we care about what others think.  Just like there are always those clients that say "wow she looks great with her grey I wish I could do that."  You can.  The only difference is truly feeling like you can carry yourself with that class and confidence.  Now,  if that isnt you we look forward to seeing you every four to six weeks!

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