Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Simple Truth on Colour

Hey guys!  Hope you all had a great weekend with friends, family or whomever you spent it with.  I think its official that it~s getting pretty freaking cold out there!  I even saw a guy out there with his full blown parka on!  Anyway,  I hope you all enjoyed Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin this pat weekend as I truly enjoyed getting back to it.  Speaking of getting back to it lets get to today`s question...

" Hi there,  I am in need of some advice here.  I have recently started to react to the colour that is being used at the salon I frequent,  and never did before.  I guess I have two questions because the first is why all of a sudden I would have started to react?  The second being in light of all of the news that has been coming out recently and the negative effects that hair colour can have on us,  is there a product line that is professional and still chemical free?  Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon."

Well,  lets start with the first question which is why the change all of a sudden.  I would have to say that the salon may have recently A) Changed their in house colour brand or B)  Introduced a new range of products to the salon that your colourist has recently started working with.  Generally,  if you have been a guest of their for a while and are simply asking for the same look,  they may have decided to go ahead with the new stuff as long as they could still achieve your same old shade.  If they have changed the colour line then you may want to find out about it because you will continue to have reactions after every use.  A simple phone call to your colourist should answer those queries,  have you started taking any new meds?  Because that may have an effect on your chemistry and have you react to the chemicals in the colour line.  To answer your second question I must say NO,  "Chemical Free" is a very strong term to use because in professional hair colour lines you must have some form of chemical that will open the hair`s cuticle layer and allow for the dye to develop onto the cortex layer.  Without some form of chemical to get the hair shaft open in the first place then the dye cannot penetrate the interior of the hair shaft and develop itself.  Natural lines like Henna and some other vegetable dyes work well enough by staining the outer layer of the hair shaft,  they do not penetrate.  This is a good enough system I just find that most people end up going a little more red than they had hoped.  There are some lines that are lighter chemical based like Davines or Organic Colour Systems,  But chemical free.... No,  they still need to work.  Hope that answered your question and thank you for sending it to me at dimauro.jon@gmail.com feel free to send any more you may have!

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