Thursday, October 6, 2011

Baby Hairs Driving You Batty?

Thursday... almost there folks,  before you know it you will be carving into that 18 pound turkey of yours and adding cranberry sauce to that ever delicious stuffing!  Before we get there though we need to cover a few more questions that have been directed my way this week.  So without any further talk of mouth watering turkey lets get to it...

"Is there any way that I can control these little hairs that grow at the front of my hairline?  They are really tough to work with because I have curly hair and  they stand out like a sore thumb.  I guess the reason they are there in the first place is because I just gave birth right?"

Yes and no... I know not exactly the answer you were all looking for.  The little hairs along your hair line are typically called "baby Hairs"  and there are multiple reasons for the nick name.  Yes, frequently women experience breakage at the front of their hair lines during pregnancy,  and yes it does get worse once the child is born and the hair that remained on your head during term starts falling out.  However,  there are many many clients who have these shorter pieces of hair around their hair lines regularly just because they have curly hair that breaks easily with friction.  The hair in that area can also break due to exposure to elements or even just because you wear your pony too tight.  

The only way to control these shorter hairs is to cover them up with a fringe of some sort,  whether that be a bang or a side swept fringe.  The only other option is to slick them back into your ponies and break em again!  Anyway patience is truly a virtue when it comes to those little hair because they are really fragile and any excess amount of product or styling you do to them only inhibits their growth and durability.  A word to the wise... leave them alone as much as possible,  unless of course you like having them around!

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