Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rainy Day Hair Wear!

Hey guys hope you are all doing well and figuring out a way to stay dry during this torrential down pour that we are experiencing! Its crazy how much rain! But, what I will say is that its about time that we have a little cause it was starting to feel like Phoenix with all that dry and desert like weather. Anyway I figure the best thing I can do for you today is to show you a video that will make styling your hair in this weather a lot easier. The main objective with weather like this is to create a hairstyle that will last AND look good! And what I always tell my guests is that when the weather is this wet and soggy your best option is to tuck it away as cleanly and beautifully as possible, leaving you some real style in the process. In this vid Lindsay Plaskett (Our self style expert!) shows you an awesome way to do just that, check it out!

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