Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Don`t FLIP Out!

Hey folks! We Are OFF! with another week of blogging for you to enjoy and we want to start the week of right today!. Hope you guys had beautiful weekends filled with time for family and friends. Anyway, I would like to extend my gratitude to our readers for staying engaged in what we do and actively contributing to the blog. Thanks for your readership and continuing to ask great questions that get me thinkin! So here we go with today`s question!...

" Hi Jon, I am having a real hard time working with my hair :( I seem to have this crazy flip happening on my right side and I have no idea why it always forms in the same place! Its crazy because it does n`t matter what I do to work with it, it always comes back! My hair is cut in a bob and it looks silly having one side tuck under really well while the other flips up like crazy. It looks like my hair is being blown with a gust of wind in one direction... Please help."

Funny because you have no idea just how often I am asked about this! Its even more often because it does n`t only relate to ladies wearing bobs. Rather it relates to ANY length of hair on ANY person! That`s right girls it also effects the guys! Anyway the reason that flip is forming is because we ALL have circular growth patterns that dictate which direction your hair will move in. Think back to the last time you took a look at the top of a baby`s head... Remember, remember that cute little swirl that formed in their crown? Well, as their hair gets longer (like yours did) the swirl just becomes more and more pronounced. All of the hair that grows back toward the crown area (back of your head) will tuck under beautifully, you won`t even have to work at it! BUT, the hair that grows forward (toward your forehead) that hair, THAT hair IS your problem. It will flip... that`s what it WILL do. It is the same scenario with 99.9% of my clientele. I have found over time that the BEST way to work with it is to trick it. What I mean is, try and trick the hair into believing that it actually grows the other way. We can achieve a more balanced style that does n`t flip as much if we blow out both sides in a backward direction. So, when drying the front area of you style you drag ALL of the hair, from the front of your hairline on both sides toward the back. As you stretch these sections toward the back ensure that you release them at the back by the nape and that will help to force it to tuck under better. Works for me ALL day, so there is no reason it won`t work for you!

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