Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WHOA! Now That`s a QR Do!

Hey guys! Today I am gonna post something that is gonna make our twitter followers pretty excited! We have been asked repeatedly by this group if we can achieve this particular style, I will say this.... We are working on it! This folks is NOT EASY TO DO! And before you commit to saying, "Yeah Sure we do Qr Code Engraving!" Maybe, just maybe we should try it out a couple of times first! I mean can you imagine doing a 2 and a half hour haircut ( Yes, I think it will take that long!) Only to have it not be readable by your iphone or Blackberry! That would be BRUTAL! Anyway check this video out and tell me if this looks EASY! Crazy Cool! Just let the first ad go by, trust me it will be worth the wait!

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