Thursday, September 1, 2011

C`mon Baby... Let`s Do The Twist!

Hey Folks! Hope everyone is well and dry on this rainy rainy day. I think that slowly and steadily this awesome summer is passing us by :(
As much as I am gonna hate that, at least we have had a beautiful one filled with sun and fun! Well, it`s not over yet and as I am writing this the sun has just come out again! Anyway let`s get to today`s Million Dollar question!

"Hi Jon, I have started to take notice of this trend that we are so obviously living out right now, and that is VINTAGE! Its all over the place, from furniture and nic-naks, to clothing and accessories it is everywhere. My favourite "old-time" hair style is the french roll and I was wondering if you had any videos that I could watch to help me learn how to do one on myself? Thanks and keep it up, I have really enjoyed reading and watching your content."

You Are In LUCK !!! We DO have a video that showcases exactly that! Lindsay Plaskett is one of our most senior stylists at our Yonge and Eglinton location. She is not only a phenomenal stylist for other people but also is AMAZING at styling her own! Anyway I have to have you take a look at this video because I am astonished that it is exactly what you asked me about! I think you will take a lot out of this vid and I hope you master it after this! Thanks again for your kind words and I hope to keep you interested in our content. Thank you for your continued readership.

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