Wednesday, September 28, 2011


YES!!  This summer just won`t quit! Thank goodness!  I mean we are getting away with wearing shorts out there still!  CRAZY!  Anyway,  hopefully you are all enjoying this amazing weather and taking it in for all that its worth.  I have a great question to answer today for a guest who has been quite patient in waiting for my reply!  Let`s get to it!...

"I have short, relatively thick, grey hair. My stylist left my current salon. Because the owner feels “short cuts are easy”, I have been assigned on the last two occasions to new hairstylists. Neither gave me the look I like/asked for: quite short and funky/spiky. I think short cuts are tough to do. My hair likes to grow forward and I have 4 cowlicks to contend with. This last cut gave me what I call a “Caesar-like” look. Can you recommend me to the best stylist Evoke (Eglinton & Yonge) has for short hair? I’d like to take Sara up on her enthusiastic recommendation and thought I would take advantage of your Q&A blog to find the right stylist for me".

I can for sure!  I would recommend that you check out Ergys Tafilica as your go to guy!  He is AWESOME when it comes to creating short, textured looks that have an edge to them.  Ergys is our senior most stylist at the Yonge and Eglinton location and has worked for the company for 8 years now.  He is stylist to Rick Campanelli of ET Canada has  earned a reputation for being and industry leader with his eclectic collection of Trendsetting edgy cuts that set the bar for cutting edge fashion.  A real people person with a penchant for change and progression,  I think you would not only have a great time being in Ergys` chair but also really love the finished product!  Hope that helped and please let me know how it goes Lorraine! Thanks again for your question and sorry for my tardy response!

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