Friday, September 30, 2011

Tame That Swirl Girl!

So the questions have been flooding in over the last little while and i want to say thank you to our readers for their commitment to having great hair and asking us for advice on just how to get there!  Its has been very flattering indeed to see all of the questions.  For a while there in the beginning I wondered if people really cared to ask questions.  It felt like maybe they wanted to read the answers but maybe not produce the question,  I can`t answer if you don`t ask!  Well,  so much for that problem... Its Been GREAT!  Having said that,  lets get to today`s... 

" Jon,  I recently started reading the blog and want to say that I think the concept of using the blog to have my hair questions answered is great.  I have a hair dilemma,  I have a bob haircut that refuses to tuck under!  It is driving me nuts because it ends up looking more like a flippy cut than a classic bob.  Do you have any tips on how I can get it to sit under a bit better?  Thanks again"

Okay,  the bob is the worlds most difficult cut to create,  I think I should start by saying that.  Anyone can look at the bob and think "What`s so hard?,  Its only one length!"  Yeah but try cutting all the hair to one even length without any dips or bevels in the line... NOT SO EASY.  What else makes the bob a difficult cut is that if you do not layer it correctly ( meaning leave the layers long enough on the inside of the cut)  then it will definitely flip up all over the place.  Now,  lets presume that your bob was cut correctly from the beginning,  you may just need to take a look at how you dry it.  IF your layers are long enough that they are situated predominately in the bottom of the shape then you may just be styling it wrong.  Because we have a circular swirl in our growth patterns,  we have to be careful in the way we dry our hair.  As an example,  the top of a baby`s head had a circular swirl that is plain to see.  Most people don`t realize that that swirl never goes away,  when we are older the hair is just longer so the swirl is less evident.  Because it is circular,  the hair on one side of your head will grow forward and the other side back,  so when we dry it we must even that out.  The way we do that is by drying both sides of the front back and off our hairline in the direction of the back of our heads.  Basically,  pull the front backward and fight the side that grows forward.  You will be shocked!  It will tuck right under.  I hope that helped and if your layers are too short let me know.... I would love to take a look! :) Fire me off an email if you need a question answered at!

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