Friday, September 2, 2011

The Right DO 4 U!!!

Hey Guys and Gals!  Ready for the long weekend?  Sad to say the last long weekend of the summer,  But at least it looks like we are gonna have some nice weather.  Anyway I for one am super pumped and ready to get together with my peeps and have a great time!  Anyway,  today we have a question that comes to us from Louise in Toronto!  So let`s get to it!


I'm a huge fan of your blog (and your salon - shout out to my fabulous hair stylist Ryan at Y&E).  I've been growing my hair for my upcoming wedding, however afterwards I'm really looking to cut it.  It's not that I don't love the long hair, but with my crazy busy schedule, I never seem to find Me time to actually do anything with it and it ends up in a pony tail.  I find when my hair is shorter, I'm forced to actually style it each morning.  

Today you posted a blog about bangs for round faced people.  I am one of those round face individuals, but instead of the bang question I have a question about cutting my hair shorter. Now I don't want to go pixy cut short, but was looking for more of a just about the shoulder length, however from what I've heard, cutting it just above the shoulder isn't the most flattering look for us round faced individuals. 

Any advice or suggestions?  I know Ryan will give me fantastic advice when I go and see him next, but I just wanted to do my research first!


AMAZING QUESTION!!!  Thank you for asking it Louise!  Okay so I personally feel as though there are two lengths that are a NO GO for round faced individuals. The first being chin length,  there is absolutely not one cut I feel is worse for a lady with a round face shape!  When you place the emphasis of the cut (being its overall baseline or length) right at your chin (the roundest part of your face shape) you are doing the opposite of what you are looking for.  The other cut which is the on that you are inquiring about Louise is the other.  The reason I don`t love this cut is multi facetted!  In that I generally don`t love the length as I find it boring and for lack of a better term (Mommyish)  I know its a terrible thing to say for all the moms out there,  But try to understand what I mean.  Jennifer Aniston ruined everyone when she coined the look in the nineties!  I just find it a standard everyday unflattering length on most women let alone those with round face shapes.  My recommendation to you Louise is to hit the middle ground,  Not chin length OR slightly above shoulder length but MID NECK LENGTH.  So literally have the sassy bob finish in the mid point of your neck,  with a gradual slope and some mild layering through the bottom to get it to sit nicely under.  AHHH My fave compromise!  Short hair that isn`t too short AND compliments a round face shape!  Hope the Pic above helps make it clear if I have n`t already, and maybe slightly, slightly shorter?  Thanks again for your question,  please feel free to send and others my way at!

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