Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Colour Your World!

Hello peoples! This is the longest summer ever! YES! Here is hoping it continues....  I hope you have all been taking in the sights and sounds of this year`s TIFF festival in Toronto.  I know I have having already seen two films that rocked!  Anyway I always feel so alive in Toronto at this time of year and feel generally proud to be a Torontonian experience the awesome time that TIFF is.  Having said that I decided that this year I was gonna try something with this whole TIFF Buzz.  We are going to post the look of a celebrity who is currently here everyday that this festival goes on!  Why Not?  Let us show you our favourite looks of TIFF!  Anyway,  keep your eyes peeled for that on our Facebook page!  But for now lets get to today`s question...

"Hi there,  I was wondering how to choose the right colour for my skin tone when going a little darker for fall?"

Well the first thing to assess is your skin tone.  If you are a person with pale skin the last thing you want to do is go too dark!  If you go too dark it will wash you out and make you look more pale and in some cases even slightly older!  Crazy I know!  But true.  What you want to bare in my is that you want to avoid too much of a contrast,  you never want to end up with a hair colour that is too severely opposite you skin tone ( Unless of course you are Kate Beckinsale who can pull off literally anything!)  You always want to try and compliment your natural tone,  so when going darker if you have a lighter skin tone maybe add a very soft Balayage of a lighter complimentary tone that just meshes in.  An example of that would be...

If that is not the case and you have a warmer skin tone (Latino, Greek, Italian etc...)  then your natural tone is going to fall somewhere in and around the darker and warmer tones anyway which will allow you to stay a bit darker while still complimenting your skins glow.  Either way I would have to say that a good consultation with your colourist is ALWAYS the best way to choose and that if you can please, please, please avoid doing it on your own!  And,  don`t be scared to be a bit daring!... adding a soft blended highlight of any tone just brightens the whole look up a bit more!

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