Friday, September 9, 2011

Timing Is Everything...

WOW we have a hot day here today!  Amazing that we are into September and even though the days are obviously getting shorter we at least still have some really hot weather out there!  It feels today like its 30 degrees out there!  Hopefully this is a sign of things to come over the next month and a half,  we get that stretched out summer we all love.  Today I have a pretty good question to answer for you all so here we go!

"I`m trying to grow my hair out a little longer and am a wondering when the right time to come in for a cut again is.  I was at the salon about three weeks ago and was told I should be there in six weeks,  so I guess I would like some confirmation from you.  Is it normal to get your hair cut every six weeks if you want it to grow?  I have a long bob currently and would love to grow it out long,  Thanks for your response."

The simple answer is NO!  Just like you cannot tailor a suit that fits every man perfectly,  you cannot tailor a women`s hair cut schedule.  I generally recommend to my clients that they book they`re cuts every 8-12 weeks for that very reason.  Although your stylist is correct in telling you that your ends need maintaining if you want your hair to grow,  the timeline (for me) seems a little off.  When I have a guest who is trying to let it grow out I generally recommend that they stay as far away as possible from me for as long as they can.  Although your ends should be neat in order to see your new length growing in,  hair DOES NOT GROW FROM YOUR ENDS!  It grows from your roots!  My best advice would be that you should eat clean and get all your vitamins and then stay away and wait until you just can`t deal with the ends anymore.  When that time arrives you need to see your stylist fro a MILD trim to tidy the ends and continue to allow that new length to come in.  Lighten up you're styling a little and don`t fuss much with your hair,  this has its place in helping new growth also.  Hope this helped out,  and that you end up with luscious "Pantene" like flowy locks!

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