Thursday, September 15, 2011

Your Natural Progression...

WOW Its Cold out there!  I can`t believe that the weather switched literally over night!  I am amazed and quite upset that this could be the case considering that we are still in September!  Anyway,  it is what it is,  unfortunate as that may be for all of the celebs here for TIFF ( although I must say I don`t feel too bad considering next month while I freeze they will be in FIGI or something!)  So, without any further adieu lets get to today`s question shall we?

" Jon,  How do I know when the right time to change my look is?  I am pretty bored of what I am currently wearing but just don`t know what else to do."

Well in that case I generally recommend giving something else a shot,  I mean I always say that it is hair and that we should try to have some fun with it.  The ideal situation would be that you take a look through some of the styles you see on others and get a feel for what it is you are thinking.  OR if you feel confident in your stylists abilities,  let them offer you some suggestions.  When looking to change I believe you should first assess what type of change you are looking for,  meaning do you want to push the envelope and really make a vast change or will the addition of bangs be enough for you to feel re-inspired?  The level of change that person is looking for MUST be assessed first,  because if you came to me and said I want a change I would try to get a read for what you were thinking first.  I mean is cutting it all off and dying it black what your`e  thinking or would you be happy to add a couple of different tones to what you already have and cut a shorter fringe?  That you need to answer first.  Then gather inspiration,  ask friends what they think,  or even go online and get a better idea of what is out there that you love.  When you have gathered your research,  your stylist will have to be on point to get you what you are looking for.  Hope that helped and please feel free to get back to me with any more questions at!

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