Thursday, September 8, 2011

Don`t Rush! Pick The RIGHT Brush!

Hey guys,  hope you found yesterdays video post as hilarious as I did when I first saw it!   I think I need to take it back a little more serious today.  I know you all love the videos and interactive stuff BUT I think you really  would prefer some help with your hair.  I think the majority of our readers would prefer to hear about some good tips and advice,  well let`s be honest they probably would just prefer I move in and do it everyday!  Here we go with today`s question....

"Hi there I was just curious about what brush I should be using when blowing out my hair.  I have a bob cut currently and my stylist dries it with a flat brush that has white bristles.  He always seems to get it laying just right and I was wondering if I had trouble because I was using the wrong brush?  I have a round brush that I use.  What do you think?"

I think that to be honest you would have an incredibly hard time using a Denman brush ( which is what the flat brush with white bristles is called)  to dry your bob.  The stylists will always make that look easy because we have done it 1,000,000 times!  The Denman was the original brush used by Vidal Sassoon when he created the bob in the first place,  and it is an optimal tool to use when used correctly.  However,  if you do not have experience with it it can be difficult to get your hair to sit under well.  I recommend sticking with the tool you are more comfortable with ( the round brush) because it will achieve a great result and you can duplicate what he did with ease.  OR come visit me and I will give you lessons for like 2 years on how to use the Denman (haha)  anyway,  thanks for your question and have a GREAT day!

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