Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bringin` It Back!

Hello everyone,  and I am sorry if any of you feel like it was me who jinxed the weather by being so optimistic and happy that it was still beautiful out there!... My Bad.  I hope at least that it does n`t last any longer than necessary,  because if there is one type of weather  condition I hate its rain!  Well,  lets get right to it here and work on today`s question.

"Hi there,  I was wondering if you could give me some advice here.  I know that fashion moves in decades and considering that we are coming out of the 80`s era,  will the 90`s be next?  The reason I ask is because I would really like to have my hair cut into that Rachel from friends shape again.  I LOVED THAT CUT,  it was just soo easy and I would love to wear it again.  Am I dreaming?"

NO!  You are FAR from dreaming!  I am amazed to  have been asked this question and had to answer it because believe it or not I just did that classic shape on a girl in her late teens the other day!  I found that extremely interesting because you do not normally have a younger clientele like that asking for a look that was around when they were like 8 or 9!  It was awesome and confirmed for me that YES! We ARE moving back into the 90`s with this next wave of fashion and hair.  I was soo happy to perform the cut because I knew that she was ahead of the curve by asking for it and that we at evoke LOVE to try and beat the clock and get to these trendy looks fast.  I am so pumped by this upcoming trend that I even decided to start trying to sell it to guests in advance... Kind of like a sneak peek!  Anyway,  DO NOT Hesitate!  Get it done today!

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