Friday, September 16, 2011

Wild On These NUTS!!!

Today we are going to talk nuts,  yeah you heard me!  NUTS!  I know,  I know quite inappropriate.   However nuts can be a great thing to speak about on a hair blog as long as you all manage to keep your minds out of the gutter.  Today`s question just so happened to relate to nuts,  hence the reason for our nutty review (I`m on a roll here).  Anyway,  lets get to the point shall we?

" Hi,  I am using the Moroccan oil for my hair when I blow dry it out,  is this the best product for my hair texture?  I have thick, coarse, curly hair."
YES!  it is a fantastic product for you to be using not just when you blow dry but also after on your dry hair as a smoothing product.  Moroccan oil hit it big a couple of years ago when they discovered that Argan oil was a fantastic moisturizer and protein enriching product for dry and frail hair.  The secret ingredient in this product is of course the nut from the Argan seed.  This nut,  when harvested and broken down reveals and incredibly lustrous and rich oil.  This oil is extremely rich in protein and in keratin which makes it a power pack for your hair!  The hair shaft requires protein for strength and keratin for lustre and softness,  few products combine both needs in one.  The fact that it occurs naturally in this nut is even more impressive!   Anyway,  great product for the hair when it is wet or dry because it leaves a beautiful feel on the hair shaft and produces an incredible shine.  I love it and use it on many of my guests.  

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