Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We`re Ba ack!

Hey everyone!!!! 
So Happy to be back to the sunny and warm T.O!!!  Banff,  Jasper and the whole of the rockies is absolutely gorgeous! There is not a thing about that area that I did not enjoy.  The people are laid back and very relaxed ( you would be too if surrounded by breathtaking scenery!)  and the pace of life seems to move a little slower.  Although it is gorgeous it can get a little colder up there at that altitude and it is nice to get back to the heat!

Anyway without any further adieu lets get to today`s question!

"Hi there,  I was wondering if you could refer me a good product to use on fine hair that might help me get some more body and lift throughout the day?  I find that I can get it pretty full in the morning but by about 1pm its as flat as a board.  Something that can give me a little jolt mid day would be fabulous!"

Of course!  I must say that having worked as a stylist for 11 years in areas of the city that seem to have quite a few fine haired clients I see this a lot.  The most common complaint is exactly that,  volume is achieved at first but then disappears.  I will say this... Gravity sucks!  There is very little we can do to make hair that is supposed to fall flat stand up at attention!  However,  there have been some great progressions made in regard to volumizing products.  The objective is not so much to create body at the root as much as fullness everywhere,  and there are quite a few products that can "swell" your hair up!  I use the word swell because that is exactly what they do,  they swell the hair shaft making it seem fuller all over.  My favourite so far in this family of products is called "Dust it",  a talc powder that can make even the flattest hair seems huge!  You apply this product on dry hair by sprinkling a little into your palms,  emulsifying it slightly and then massaging it in all over.  The results are fantastic and the bottle is so small that keeping it in your purse because easy, care free,  and extremely beneficial!  This stuff has saved many of my clients from cutting it short in desperation so please give it a go... it works!

Thanks for your patience guys and hopefully you missed me as much as I missed you!

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