Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dip It, Dip It Good!... da da da da... da da!

What is next?  What is hot?  What is Trending?...  Well,  this is what we are asked on a daily basis in salon.  Its what we as stylists try to stay on top of and what we feel it is our responsibility to know.  So when we are asked a question that relates to what is current we get excited enthusiastic and just overall pumped to share that with you!  Today is gonna be no different... today I was asked the question that every trendy stylist wants to be asked!

"What is Hot right now Jon?  I am looking to do something edgy and funky with my colour so if you could recommend anything what would it be?"

YEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!  I got asked!! Awesome!  Okay so when it comes to trends there are so many different things we could talk about!  The mere thought of it excites the crap outta me!  But,  what she really wants to know about is colour.  I mean in my world and in the world of most hair stylists the two go hand in hand but alright then I guess I can just focus on the one :(  Anyway,  trends are ever changing,  trends are created and re-created every single minute!  But when it comes to what I think is hot right now no doubt its Tie dye hair colour!  Ever since Miss Conrad (Lauren that is) decided it would be a good idea to redo this hot 80's look women everywhere are going batty for tie dye.  It is a hot look that can be achieved relatively easily and can change and be progressed with ease.  Anyway in salon we are achieving this look by literally dipping the hair in dye,  its hilarious and a lot of fun.  Having said that you could probably achieve this at home with food colouring just as easily.  Its soo cool and takes very little to achieve and maintain.  Anyway as a piece of advice I recommend that you look into it and if its not too funky go for it! you won't regret it!  I mean look how beautiful the image above is!

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