Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pin That +#@! Up!

Hey Everyone!  And I hope you are all settling back into the working world well after your long weekends!  Today we have another question that needs some answering and I hope to satisfy with my answer!  Here we go,  lets get to it!

"Hi Jon!  I wanted to start by saying that I am a reader of your blog on a regular basis and that I am very interested in basically all of the content.  So, I figured it was time to produce my own question for you!  I am noticing a specific area of my hair that is constantly breaking and fragile,  I am also aware that this is probably happening because of where I tie my elastic all the time!  Is there anything else I can do?  I need to get my hair up when I work out but do not want it to keep breaking :(  a little help please..."

Well,  unfortunately I have to say that there isn`t very many ways to create a "non-damaging" ponytail with elastics.  The only way to do a pony and still keep it from damaging that one specific spot in your hair is to use those really sexy 80`s fabric elastics (Oh yeah! So Hot Right now!)  I am not even kidding because those are the ones that protect the integrity of the hair while getting it up tight and out of the way.  The other option is to use a couple bobby pins to pin up a bun after you wind all your`e hair up.  So the way to go is to pretend that you are going to create a pony and gather all of your`e hair together.  When you have it gathered you begin to twist it until you have it all wound up.  Then begin to wind it up in a bun shape at the back of your head,  once wound up begin to pin it at the base all the way around the circle.  When you have it secure stick in three more pins to be sure,  then a little spray and your`e done! If you have any more trouble fire me off an email and I will give you a call!  It should be a great way to change it up and still get your`e hair up while you save the condition of it!  Thanks for reading and contributing! It made me soooooo happy!

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